A THoughtful Floor Canvas:

Rangavali is a 5000 year old folk art carrying Indian Floor Heritage. In domestic forum Rangavali is classified under 64 Arts and 14 branches of knowledge represents Indian Earthen expression. Unique research by Dr. Bharati Mate & Sunil Balkawade, experimented on the innovative medium: Dry Frescos of Rangavali on canvas are first canvas frescos innovated. Fresco technology is the oldest known form of Mural Paintings called as Mother of all Arts. We are inspired by the internationally known wet frescoes of Ajantha Paintings.These Rangavali paintings are thought forms of interaction, identity, life enhancing experience, which gives energy & appeal with cultural & visual flavour, concept into form.
Floor Rangavali has stint life is conditioned & permanently blends on Canvas. Rangavali Paintings are reservoir of positive energy & source to attain Health, Wealth & Happiness.
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