Wall Preparation for Wall Mural

Disassemble your room

Get your tools and remove all wall switch plates, metal air vents, towel rods, toilet paper holders, etc. Take down any wall mounted light fixtures (turn power off a breaker first). To avoid losing the screws or having to keep track of them, screw them back in their respective locations after the plates and covers are removed.

Prepare the walls:

Wallpaper has a difficult time sticking to dirty or greasy walls,so wipe down yours with a damp cloth. Patch any holes in the walls, and give time for both your patches and water on the walls to dry.
• If you are wallpapering over pre-painted walls,add a coat of primer first.
• If your walls have wallpaper already on them, take the time to remove it before adding your new layer of paper. This will guarantee a longer lasting application.

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