3D Flooring Murals

Introducing Revival in Conventional Interior
Flooring murals can be called as liquid floors. These flooring murals completely replace the style of flooring than laminates, wood cuts, linoleum etc., & the possibility to create something exclusive was long forgotten. Today, 3D flooring is a wonderful revival in conventional interior, harmonious combination of new technology  & comfort.

Made to Measure & Easy to Install!

DH-0011_3D Flowing Fish
DH-004_3D Matsyakanya
DH-005_3D Flower Ways
DH-006_3D Colour Stones
DH-007_3D Ocean Treasure
DH-009_3D Water Ways
DH010_3D Tiger Eyes
DH-0014_3D Heaven Wonders
DH-0013_3D Dolphin Roar
DH-0015_3D Dolphin Waiting
DH-0016_3D Cold Waves
DH-0017_3D Water Web
DH-0033_3D Water Floor
DH-0032_3D Waterfall
DH-0031_3D Pathfinder
DH-0021-3D Lucky Fish Duet
DH-0022_3D Seaside
DH-0023_3D In the Desert
DH-0024_3D Lotus Leaves
DH-0026_3D Mute Lake
DH-0027_3D Water Life
DH-0028_3D Dolphin Duet
DH-0029_3D Lonely King Fish
DH-0030_3D Fish Pattern
DH-0034_3D Roaring Water
DH-0036_3D Blue Stones
DH-0037_3D Lotus on the Floor
DH-0038_3D Water Lily
DH-0039_3D Water Play
DH-0040_3D Whispering
DH-0041_3D Roaming Reds
DH-0042_3D Duet
DH-0043_3D Lotus Bloom
DH-0044_3D For Duet
DH-0045_3D Stones and Water
DH-0046_3D In the Grass
DH-0047_3D Purple Bed
DH-0048_3D Water Play
DH-0049_3D Bending Tree
DH-0050_3D Glass Balls
DH-0051-3D Fort Wall
DH-0052_3D A rare Landscape
DH-0053_3D Sea Shore
DH-0054-3D Lotus Lake
DH-0055_3D Water Side
DH-0003_3D Sea Garden
DH-0002_3D Dolphin Laugh
DH-0008_3D Star Fish
DH-0012_3D Red Fish

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